Wednesday, 3 November 2010

ArtsyCrafts Warrington - First 2 Projects.

Lin and Leandra were fantastic teachers, the classes were so well organised, the supplies were plentiful, the colour choices were fabulous, Lynne was a great helper, the company was brilliant, the food and snacks were delicious....................can you tell that I enjoyed myself?

First of all we made a wisdom book containing a metal owl in a niche.  This was done in the "Peacock Feathers" colour scheme, but I didn't make the colours strong, so it's a bit more of a "Jade" in hue.

On Saturday afternoon a change of tables was called for so this time it was "Apple Blossom".  We made this gorgeous dimensional picture.  I love the curtain effect - those girls are such clever designers.

I still have to finish my 3rd project - I left it behind when I came home early on Sunday and Lynne very kindly did some work on it for me and Lin has posted it to me so that I can complete it.  How's that for absolutely brilliant service?  Thank you ladies!
I'll post pics when I've finished it.

Thanks for looking. X


Michele said...

Didn't we have a fab weekend! You're projects are gorgeous - I love the extra metal embellishment you have added to the spine of the book.

Neet said...

Ooh Anne - I am not a pink person but that Apple Blosson Shadow Box makes me change my mind. It is gorgeous.

Love your Book of Wisdom too. Why is it I always want to do different colours when I see something as gorgeous as these. Love your extra bit on the spine of your book.

Paul said...

Gorgeous projects, I'm sooooo green with envy haha. Having seen yours, Micheles and Neets, its been blog hop heaven seeing all these different pieces. Pxx

Aquarius said...

Great projects - looks as if you had a wonderful time

Netty said...

What fabulous creations. They are obviously terrific teachers and you had the greatest time.

kjjc said...

love what you did to the spine-I just inked some twine and stuck it on and then gooped. Nice to see the projects and hope you get the main one soon-you will be thrilled. Can't wait to see what you do to it. See you soon.xx

Alisonph said...

Love the finished book Anne. It looks fab. You should be happy with your main project when it arrives Lyn was working hard on it for you x

Yours Artfully said...

Your finished frame looks fab Anne. So gad that you enjoyed our Artsycrafts weekend.