Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Artsycrafts weekend

I've just been lucky enough to spend another weekend at an Artsycrafts event in Warrington.  The time just flew by, the company was great, the projects were lovely and we had a fantastic time.

On Saturday we used Paperartsy fresco finish paints and grungeboard on the back of a wooden frame:

For our next project we changed colours and we used the paints on some glass bottles:

For our final project we used moulds, plaster and the fresco finish paints to create an antiqued panel.
I didn't use this lion mould but I'm going to use him at home, I love him.  I used a cameo mould:

I love these weekends, so thank you Lin and Leandra and I can't wait for next time.
p.s.  I do apologise for the weird placing of some of the text in this post - sometimes blogger editing will NOT do as it is told! LOL X