Sunday, 4 October 2009

Metal Covered Notebook.

Here is my first attempt at playing with my Ten Seconds Studio Stuff and all the fabby metallic paints that I bought at Ally Pally.
Now I do not have ANY patience and I can never wait to be finished, so this really does need some refinement, but to say how little time and care I took I am quite pleased.
The large monogram is supposed to be a letter A - it's not very good, and the UTEE that it is sitting on looks like "purest green" - do you remember Blackadder II when they were trying alchemy? LOL! But I just didn't want to do it again, I wanted to get everything stuck on my notebook! Out came my heatgun to dry everything, even the polyfilla on the back of the metal sheet to prevent it from "de-bossing", and the glimmermist that I sprayed over the top of everything.
I love the effect, and now that I've had a go I hope I'll think more carefully about the next project and take more time over it.

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Michele said...

This looks fab, Anne! Love the mix of colours (and the Blackadder memory LOL) - think I'm going to have a go and cover my art journal in metal. So many projects - so little time!! x