Friday, 24 July 2009

2 more Art Journal pages

Here are the next two pages that I finished. Although I have loved doing these I think that I will take more time with my next pages and try to plan them a bit more and get more layers on them. I definitely need to add some more depth, but have just been swept away by the whole thing - love it!
It's good to have your own "stuff" to use but at a workshop it's great to work with new things and things that you wouldn't even have thought to use.
I have a couple more pages to finish that I started on Tuesday. One has a theme but I haven't found the right images to go on it yet and the other one is just painted with no theme so I can have a good think about that one.
I do apologise if you don't enjoy Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" 'cos that bottom page might freak you out! LOL! x


Michele said...

More fab pages Anne - love all the butterflies (and the birds) x

Dylan said...

dark horse, you kept this blog quiet, Mrs Big knickers no more..!!!! Love it, miss ya ..xx