Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Magical Places

During the Easter holiday my lovely hubby took us to Disneyland Paris for 3 nights and Paris itself for 3 nights.  We had a fantastic holiday and we were lucky with the weather too most of the time.
Here at last!
The view from our bedroom window.
One of the floats on the parade
Coffee in Paris
Outside Notre Dame
The Louvre
One of the beautiful Louvre ceilings
We walked and walked and ate and drank some delicious things.

  We were also quite brave about some of the rides we went on - I can't believe that we ALL went on two rides that had a 360 degrees loop - woo hoo!   It was all brilliant but exhausting and we needed a good rest when we got home! Lol!  Unfortunately it was straight back to work and school but I really wish we could have stayed for a month, we loved every minute.

I have some tag photos to post soon and with a bit of luck I'll be doing some more crafting before long.  It's been a bit manic around here as we are in the process of converting a playroom/dumping room (complete with massive Barney the Dinosaur and Teletubby paintings on the walls- inherited when we moved in to this house 9 years ago- yes we like to get jobs done quickly - ha ha!) in to a sitting room.



Bridgette said...

Anne how happy you look with your gorgeous boy - he is so handsome - thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of your holiday - I shall look forward to seeing your crafting but I think that room is calling you first - take care - Bridgette xxx

Paul said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time. Can't go wrong in Paris :) Wonderful photos, perfect for scrapbooking. I'm hoping to pop into Paris again when in France, to see Anish Kapur at the Grand Palais. May even sneak into a Laduree shop too (would be rude not to) Pxx

Michele said...

Fab photos - glad you had a brilliant time! Barney and the teletubbies used to be Lauren's favourites.You should post some before and after photos - I would love to see the paintings on the walls. x

Neet said...

Who cares about Teletubbies on the wall when you are having fun?
And boy, you seem to be having a great time - lovely to see you both enjoying yourselves so much - I gather hubby was the photographer! Some nice artistic photos there. Thanks for sharing - made me feel all warm and 'glowy' to see you so happy.
Hugs, Neet x