Friday, 29 October 2010

Normal Service will be resumed.....

as soon as possible!  Have had dreadful problems with my internet connection and e-mail recently, so that's why I have been silent!  Fortunately it SEEMS to be working OK now, so I will be able to blog again and use my internet again - Hurray!  I've been so lost without it, it's been driving me mad.  I really, really LOVE the internet.

No time to post any pictures today though - I'm getting ready to go to the Artsycrafts weekend, so catching up on my domestic duties ( pardon??? Lol! You don't catch me saying THAT very often, ha ha) so that the three of us are all ready for Monday again.  Almost finished - yay.

Hope everybody has a great weekend, and looking forward to blogging properly soon.


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