Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Chocolate - but not as we know it.

Saw these bars of chocolate today and I just had to buy them because they made me giggle. I don't normally buy chocolate of course (stop sniggering at the back there!) but I wanted to share them with you.
Click on the pictures to read the descriptions more easily.
Do you think my doctor will give me a prescription?

P.S. For more fun chocolate see Bridgette's blog www.cherryhillcrafts.blogspot.com


Sarah B said...

LOL! They are great!!! Thanks for sharing, and it wasn't me giggling, honest!! I don't buy Chocolate either, Sarah B XXX

Steph said...

Thanks for sharing - so funny! Chocolate? - never touch the stuff lol

Bridgette said...

Just one more thing we have in common Anne - I can understand that you bought those delicious slabs of pure bliss for research purposes only - nasty stuff, very dangerous - no, I definitely wouldn't give it house room - only in the interests of research, but you understand that, don't you?!! Bridgette x

Jo said...

LOL! brilliant!! I need to get a prescription too ;)

Jo xx